The city of Melbourne lives and breathes coffee – popularised by the European migrants who made Australia their home, the cafe lifestyle and a deep love for all things coffee has become a cornerstone of Melbourne life. As one of the best cafes in Camberwell, Shanklin Cafe is a valuable addition to Melbourne’s rich history of coffee. With so many cafes around, it can be difficult to find which one will serve the best coffee. Luckily, Shanklin Cafe Camberwell serves a varied range of expertly brewed coffee from the beloved cappuccino, latte, flat white and filtered coffee to the much adored mocha and hot chocolate.

There are many reasons people visit us at Shanklin Cafe in Camberwell – our cafe is the perfect place for locals to meet a friend or colleague, enjoy a comforting coffee at the end of a long day or to prepare for the day ahead. But there is more to our cafe than that. It is quite common for tourists or visitors to enjoy a quick break from sightseeing and the crowded streets of Melbourne in our welcoming haven.

No matter your reason for stopping by, The Shanklin is an inviting cafe and restaurant for everyone in Camberwell.

Shanklin Camberwell Coffee Shop

Managed by two friends with a great deal of credibility in the hospitality industry, Shanklin Cafe is one of the best cafes in Camberwell. All credit for the outstanding combination of flavours at Shanklin Cafe goes to them; your taste buds will thank them.

With a rich history, this cafe is perfect for coffee lovers who also like to enjoy a good breakfast or light meal. Besides the best breakfast in Camberwell, our doors are always open for those who want to unwind and enjoy a tasty burger. If you want to bring your child along, there also a special menu for kids!

Booking ahead at Shanklin’s

For those browsing through the cafe and restaurant options in Camberwell and finding it hard to find that perfect place, rest assured that this is the best cafe to enjoy a good cup of coffee and treat your taste buds. If you want to make sure you’ll get a table, Shanklin Cafe allows you to plan your outing in advance online. It is as simple as picking the date, entering the number of guests, specifying the time and entering your personal details to confirm the booking.

Looking to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or perhaps that promotion you’ve been waiting for? Come join us at Shanklin Cafe in Camberwell!

What makes Shanklin Cafe unique?

The city of Melbourne is famous for its cafe culture, which is evident from the number of cafes and coffee shops sprinkled around the CBD and suburbs. In fact, one is often spoilt for choice when choosing a place to visit. Shanklin’s is an oasis in Camberwell serving the best coffee and the best breakfast for those looking for a bite to eat in Camberwell.

What makes us the best cafe in Camberwell?

    • It feels authentic: It often happens that a cafe has more of a commercial touch to it and may end up feeling like a tourist trap rather than a place to enjoy a cup of coffee. That is not the case at Shanklin’s where authenticity is the foundation of our food & drink.
    • A memorable experience: A great cafe remains embedded in our mind for a long time. This can be due to indulgent coffee, good ambience like music or the overall atmosphere or simply because of the unique vibe.
    • A good place to connect: A cafe is a social place to connect and have a chat with a friend or even for tourists to get a feel of the local culture and people. Shanklin Cafe is a great reflection of the local atmosphere in Camberwell and is the perfect coffee shop to enjoy a meal alongside a true Melbourne coffee.


7AM – 4PM