Experience the Authentic Flavour of Coffee at Melbourne’s Favourite Café

You’re running late for work, but you still need a hot cup of coffee to get you through the day. Don’t worry, Shanklin café has got your back.

Coffee is everyone’s favourite way to start the day. Whether you have Monday blues, hit that 3-o’clock slump and need a pick me up, or you want to have that perfect cappuccino to end your hectic Friday – Shanklin café is always ready to welcome you with a steaming cup of coffee, a muffin and a smile.

What makes us one of the best coffee places in Melbourne is that we provide a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of Hawthorn as well as a space for people to unwind from a busy day with a great cup of coffee.

Our coffee house is a welcoming place filled with people of all ages enjoying the simpler things in life, like a cup of coffee and one of our pastries. Shanklin café is not just great for coffee lovers, it is also a place where you can socialise, read the newspaper and mingle with different people.

The contemporary interior is strikingly appealing and provides a welcoming ambience for every occasion. Each day, we strive to make that perfect cup of coffee that keeps you coming back for more.

Just like the other best coffee places in Melbourne, we pick our coffee beans to ensure that our customers experience the complexity and pure flavour of the coffee. Our team of baristas at Shanklin café are some of the most talented, friendly and passionate in Melbourne.

They believe that the key to making that perfect cup of coffee every time is by remaining updated on the latest trends and equipment. Their passion for coffee has made Shanklin one of the best coffee places in Melbourne.

Our ambience

Our Instagram worthy café has an inviting English themed charcoal grey exterior with plenty of seating outside where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and some food in the fresh air. Out for a walk with your furry friend and need a cup of coffee? Don’t worry, we are a pet-friendly café, so bring them along!

Our café interior is the perfect blend of new and old. We can easily accommodate 20 people at a time, and we ensure each customer has our full attention. So come visit our coffee house in Melbourne and enjoy great coffee, food and a warm and inviting ambience.

What do we serve?

From different herbal teas to our baristas’ favourite lattes, you are bound to love every beverage that we provide. If you are a bit of a health freak or not a big fan of coffee, you can always try one of our freshly made smoothies. Do you want poached eggs and avocado on toast for lunch? Don’t worry, we serve all day breakfast.

From healthy breakfast options to something a bit more decadent – Shanklin has it all. And, if you have a little one with you, we have plenty to offer them too.

Our team

Shanklin café has a team of world-class baristas who aim to keep their customers smiling with their unparalleled services and, of course, perfectly brewed coffee. So, what makes us one of the most visited coffee places Melbourne? Our baristas love coffee just as much as you do!

They are always finessing their coffee brewing technique and keeping an eye out for the latest coffee trends across the world. They understand the precision that goes into making that perfect cup of coffee.

The search for the perfect coffee place in Melbourne is over, Shanklin café is the perfect escape from your busy life! We have the best coffee, the most delicious treats and friendly and talented baristas to welcome you.



7AM – 4PM