Every city has a character, and so does its lanes and streets!

From the brewing of coffee to the smell of perfectly roasted beans, we bring you the unique flavours of Australia right here in Melbourne.

Shanklin brings you a spread of cuisines from all across the country, offering not only Australian Cuisine in Melbourne but also an indelible and unmatchable brunch experience.

Shanklin is your new favourite neighbourhood cafe in Melbourne specialising in high-quality, high-end meals for brunch. We aim and intend to viaduct the gap between a casual hangout and a fine cafe that suits everyone’s palette, be it an Australian Breakfast enthusiast, a vegetarian brunch lover or a casual breakfast goer.

Melbourne is home to the coffee movement, so it is perhaps only natural that a near-neurotic approach to brunch would follow suit. The sheer volume of world-class, chef-driven cafes that crank out creative, composed brunch dishes all day long is fascinating. The city’s convivial cafe culture is reminiscent of the Australian food culture.

In Melbourne, being the food capital of the country, there’s always something or somewhere new to try, so why not try Shanklin Cafe next?

Let us go back and understand the term BRUNCH

How it all started…

BRUNCH: a conjecture between breakfast and lunch. Considered a premium meal, and now a mainstream lifestyle of consuming food practised mainly on weekends.

‘The brunch is inciting, sociable and cheerful’ – Bringer Solicit.

Brunch is conversation-compelling! It puts you in a good mood and brushes away all the worries and tensions of the week. It gives you quality time with yourself and your loved ones. And, best of all, it gives you an opportunity to enjoy delicious food prepared by expert chefs.

Fascinating Facts about Brunch:

  • Brunch became well-known in the United States in the 1930s when Hollywood stars went for transcontinental train trips and often stopped in Chicago for late-morning meals. Celebs like Clark Gable, Johny Barrymore and Helen Hayes stopped for brunch at Chicago’s Pump Room in the Ambassador Hotel.
  • One of the oldest and most classic brunch dishes in human history is pancakes. Their origin can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. Pancakes are honestly welcome for any meal of the day — breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Sometime in the middle of the 90’s, brunch offered a platform for socially acceptable day drinking. Brunch is the genesis of several famous daytime cocktails, including Bloody Mary and Mimosa.
  • Brunch is a favourite activity for many families in South Africa.
  • Brunch, when served in a private restaurant or home, may be presented buffet-style where beverages and food are made available for guests to serve themselves and select the food items they wish to eat, often in an all-you-can-eat fashion.

Enjoying moments of brunch in Melbourne:

Being in Australia for a very long time, we understand the food here and have used this to become one of the best cafes for breakfast in East Melbourne. We always striving to invent and push the boundaries of what a premium restaurant in Melbourne is to create something new, something delicious and something exciting.

Shanklin has all the signs of an Australian cafe: industrial-chic decor, the coffee obsession, poached eggs, smashed fruits and, last but not least, a friendly welcome from fun and engaging staff waiting to take your order.

At Shanklin, our menu offers mouthwatering flavours that will leave you reminiscing and daydreaming for hours. Our meals are affordable and accessible yet plentiful, wholesome and delicious. We want you to walk out with our name and brunch on your lips.

Shanklin in Melbourne serves a simple and sophisticated all-day brunch. Visit us for the most memorable brunch experience.



7AM – 4PM